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SCHNITT Genealogy

My great grandfather,Josef Schnitt(1889-1970) came to New York from Dingolfing(Bavaria),Germany in June 1902 on the SS Southwark. with Anna Hoppel(1850-1919). His sister, Maria(1882-1965) came to Utica,NY in April 1901 on the SS Westernland. Another sister, Anna(b.@1979) came in November 1901.
Josef married Emma Louise Hickey(1891-1969);Children: Gladys Marion Schnitt, Charles Schnitt, Joseph H. Schnitt, Alice Schnitt Dennis, Walter Schnitt.
Gladys(1923-) & Howard Earl Baye Sr(1919-1956):
-Howard Jr.
-Dale Edward dad
-infant son?
Ship Manifest w/ Josef's record,line 8
Ship manifest w/ Maria Schnitt's record,line 11
manifest w/ Anna's record,line 25
*Josef had an uncle in Utica named Andreas(german for Andrew) Lorenz in 1901. There was an Andrew Lorenz(wife,Katie?) listed in the Utica 1887-91 Directory that lived at 29 Chenango Avenue & 26 Green but i don't know if they're the same person.

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